Fr. 09. Nov. 2012 ab 22 Uhr

Dancehall Hottest

ab 22 Uhr
Artists: G-Mac (Jam), DJs: Boom Di Ting Sound / Dj-Scratchy / Dj Flexx / GamStar Sound
Musikstil: Reggae, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Hip Hop
Veranstalter: Star Lion
Preis: CHF 23-
Judgement Yard’s proteje G Mac anounces his second visit to mainland Europe. The artist will embark on a 3 week European tour starting the 1st of november, promoting his forthcomming releases on his own label Royalty records.

His combination with Sizzla, a song called ‘Question’ has been a major hit for the artist exposing his career worldwide. The followup songs ‘My Life’ and ‘Man a star’ have been well recieved by international media and created several oppertunities, resulting to even bigger projects. A brand new single with Ken Booth was featured in ONSTAGE last week and the video will be premiered on our page in the following weeks. Also look out for a brandnew remix with Sizzla to be released any day now !!!